Time and tide wait for nobody

Once upon a time, Excel got admission to study medicine and surgery in university. This happened after 10 years of unbroken admission search.

He was visibly happy and thanked goodness for that.

Some praised him for his doggedness in the pursuit of wisdom.

Others blamed him for spending so much time in doing so. They argued that he could have pursued a different career because he had no guarantee that his choice career would be worth the wait.

They analysed the situation and estimated his age to be 28, assuming he finished secondary school at 18. He needed an additional six years to graduate, all things being equal.

He would go for housemanship for another year and serve his fatherland in the compulsory National Youth Service Corps, NYSC programme for yet another year.

If he was not offered an automatic employment during the NYSC programme, he would seek for a job for about a year and would spend an additional year to settle on the job, make money and look for a life partner in case he didn’t have one.

If he had an easy ride as stated, he would clock 38 by the time he would be married; otherwise, in his early forties.

At 28 that he got admission, some people are already graduates. Others are married with kids. Yet, a few others are successful in life.

In my humble opinion, Excel wasted his youth searching for “nothing” – something he wasn’t sure of finding or that wouldn’t whet his appetite and compensate for an eternity lost in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

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He forgot that time and tide wait for nobody.

Do you think Excel took a wise decision to pursue admission for 10 years?

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