The slay queen that never got married

Mma was a stunningly beautiful lady. She was intelligent, tall and fair in complexion. Her teeth were as white as snow. Her smile was infectious just as her steps were elegant as she normally walked in measured steps.

She had hot long legs that supported her roundly curved hips that become more prominent when she catwalked. She was an epitome of beauty and the talk of the town as a result.

In short, no guy ever stopped admiring her until she was out of sight.

Suitors came from all corners of the world to ask for her hand in marriage but she turned down their proposals quickly as they come.

She was rather busy accepting gifts from everyone that came her way without first taking a definite stand on her choice of a life partner. She was moved by material things that are simply ephemeral.

She had a Visitor’s Book where she would write down the name of a prospective husband when he had left and what he had brought.

She normally received two would-be husbands in a month. On a monthly basis, she would look at the book and evaluate each suitor’s presents against the other’s.

After six months, she usually organised a fake contest for the suitors. She would call a few female friends and they would constitute a panel to decide the best and most expensive gift.

This would give her an idea of the richest guy and that would be her man crush for the next six months after which she would ditch the guy, sensing that she had depleted his resources.

This continued like a vicious cycle for a countless number of years until suitors stopped coming. In fact, she had “suitor drought” that lasted years.

She disappointed, and broke the hearts of, many men. She wasted the fortunes of others and made them broke. Yet, she forced a few others to remain single till eternity, having vowed to do so out of frustration.

Meanwhile, the news of her escapades and deceptive lifestyle had gone viral, sending cold shivers down the spines of many people and forcing men to turn their back on her.

Those who could not see the handwriting on the wall wanted to brave all odds and try their luck. Hardly had they started when they were discouraged by family and friends.

However, the men she cheated of their hard earned money swore to use all means available to them to block her possible marriage.

She was now in her late thirties and approaching menupause without being married. It was then that the reality dawned on her and she resorted to prayers, jumping from one prayer house to the other but it was too late.

She had bitten off what she could chew and remained a spinster forever.


  1. Don’t embark on a mission you can’t accomplish.
  2. Know what you want and go for it.
  3. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
  4. Don’t accept favours from a man you don’t want to be your future husband, especially when you know his mission.
  5. What you do today can haunt you tomorrow.
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