How to change your gmail for 2019 JAMB

For all complaints on JAMB processes, including how to change your gmail for 2019 JAMB, candidates can create a
support ticket.

To do this, simply visit and enter your details in the following order:

  1. JAMB email (with which you registered on the Board’s site)
  2. Name (Surname First-name Middle-name)
  3. Phone number (you used for the registration)
  4. Nature of issue (When you click this, a drop down appears with many options. Select “Correction of Data”)
  5. Subject (Write “Change of Email” without the quotes.)
  6. Message (Type your message here. Tell them why you want to change your email. Provide your old email address and the new one you want to use now.)
  7. Attachment (There is no need for an attachment in this case. Just skip it.)

Hit “Send” after cross checking the information you provided.

That’s all about how to change your gmail for 2019 JAMB. Check your email regularly for a reply from JAMB.

A ticket is a complaint that can be tracked and is free at all times.

When you create one, it helps JAMB to monitor and effectively treat your complaint.

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