How the cheetah fell into a trap it had dodged

The hyena and the cheetah were good old friends. Both of them had a very cordial relationship when the going was good but they soon parted ways and never reconciled.

The hyena had borne grudges for a very long time. One day, the opportunity for revenge came knocking on its door. It seized the opportunity and threw the cheetah in jail.

They were members of the kingdom cabinet but were fed up with its management and accused the goat, which was the king, of gross misconduct and financial recklessness among others.

They conspired and overthrew the goat when it went grazing.

The hyena took over the mantle of leadership while the cheetah got a juicy post in the administration.

They continued to work together but the cheetah was now jealous of the hyena and thought it could have been rewarded with a better offer than it presently had.

The cheetah then conspired with other aggrieved members of the cabinet who thought they were being sidelined in the scheme of things and launched a smear campaign against the king that resulted in its eventual removal from office and subsequent arrest.

The cheetah was part of the new administration. They decided to place the hyena on house arrest in order to secure themselves. They succeeded and the hyena remained there for some years while the government lasted.

The hyena regained its freedom at last and went on with life. It became the king once again having run for the kingship three times unsuccessfully.

The cheetah was in charge of security in a new dispensation in the intermittent period and wanted to use its influence to frustrate the hyena by shifting the election so as to gain an upper hand against it.

It was generally believed that the hyena had a cult following and would emerge victorious in the election.

After the change of power, the cheetah was arrested by the kingdom security for diverting some money meant for degrading the enemies of the kingdom who had laid claim to it because it belonged to their father.

Despite appeals for its release by the well-meaning members of the kingdom, the cheetah had remained in prison.

The animal kingdom believes the incarceration of the cheetah is politically motivated and aimed at getting back at cheetah for its alleged role in the ouster of hyena during its first reign.

The cheetah had had a premonition about what was to come and made frantic efforts to forestall it but the cheetah couldn’t help the matter. So, it fell into the trap it had dodged earlier.

Do you think the incarceration of the cheetah has anything to do with its alleged role in the ouster of the hyena during its first reign?


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