How snake swallowed 36m bucks

“Snake swallowed the money” was the response of a servant named Maid to her master, Boss.

They deal on scratch cards among other products and services they offer.

One day, Boss decided to take inventory of all their sales. He commissioned a team of auditors to do so. When the team arrived, Maid could not account for the sales from scratch cards amounting to 36 million bucks.

“I kept it in the vault but a snake swallowed it,” she told the auditors, who left immediately to alert Boss of the latest development.

There and then, Boss set up an investigative committee who invited Maid for questioning.

“What happened to the money you sold the cards?” the committee chairman  queried.

“Snake swallowed the money.”

“Snake? What kind of snake?” a committee member fired.

“Yes. A mystery snake,” she retorted. “It sneaked into the office, opened the vault in it and ate the money.”

“When did snake stop eating animals?” the chairman inquired. “Of course I know they are carnivorous!”

“Yes, they are but this one is different. It’s a mystery snake,” she replied, trying to absolve herself of any wrongdoing.

“What do you mean?” the chairman interjected impatiently.

“My househelp connived with one of my colleagues and they turned to a snake and crawled into the office where the vault was kept. They broke it and spirited away the money in it.”

“Where were the securitymen then when the incident occurred?” another member asked.

“I don’t know,” Maid answered.

“Did it bite anyone,” the member queried again.

“I haven’t heard that,” she responded.

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The committee returned to Boss with its findings.

“This is a pure act of criminality and fraud,” Boss alleged. “I shall find out how it happened.”

However, Boss’ neighbour offered to help him unravel the circumstances surrounding the missing money.

“I’m an eagle and I show no mercy for money-swallowing snakes. I shall punish whatever snake that ate the missing money after prosecution,” the neighbour boasted.

Meanwhile, months have passed and Maid is still walking freely on the street.

“Case closed,” Maid shouted amid cheers when a friend confronted her with questions on the matter.

According to, “Snakes are carnivorous in nature; and their eating habits are based on various factors, like size, type, habitat, and season. Usually, small snakes feed on smaller prey, while the big ones go for large prey.”

Snakes can feed on small animals including lizards, other snakes, small mammals, rodents, frogs, birds, eggs, fish, snails and insects as well as big ones like monkeys, deer and kangaroos.

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