It is no longer news that PayPal offers skeletal services to Nigerian online entrepreneurs who want to process payments. This is really sad and frustrating.

So in a bid to bypass PayPal, I decided to write a review on OnlineNaira as one of the PayPal alternatives in Nigeria.

In furtherance of the above, I’m looking at the complete range of products, services and solutions offered by OnlineNaira to its customers.

OnlineNaira processes payments in Nigeria and 32 other African countries with cash, bank wire, mobile payments and ATM, credit or debit cards. It processes payments in Nigerian Naira, US Dollar, British Pounds and so on.

It offers a number of products and services including:

#1: Deposit money

The OnlineNaira Deposit Money facility is used to make a deposit in order to get verified and subsequently for every account funding transaction.

In order to send money or fund some eCurrency accounts with OnlineNaira, you will first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card.

To get started, open an OnlineNaira account now if you don’t have one yet.

#2: Withdraw money

You can withdraw money from OnlineNaira into your bank account in Nigeria, other African countries or around the globe.

To make a withdrawal, you only need to login and click on WITHDRAW MONEY. You’ll then enter the amount to withdraw, choose a withdrawal method and submit.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is N2500.

All monies in your OnlineNaira account could be withdrawn whenever you have a need for it but you need to certify your account in order to keep using OnlineNaira and to do a withdrawal.

#3: eCurrency exchange

With OnlineNaira, you can manage your eCurrency accounts with Neteller, Skrill, PerfectMoney, PayPal, Payza, Payeer, Payoneer, Advcash and cryptocurrencies.

#4: Receive money from online earnings

If you’re a freelancer or an affiliate marketer, OnlineNaira will help you withdraw your money into your bank account in Nigeria or Africa using more than one solution, including “the flexibility of receiving your hard-earned online money by using our specialized email address in place of the PayPal Email required by several merchants. This means you no longer need to look for a PayPal email and OnlineNaira will ensure the money received is paid into your OnlineNaira account within 5mins”.

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“This Payment Service is only available to Certified Members of OnlineNaira.”

You can only withdraw money into your OnlineNaira account from PayPal accounts belonging to merchants.

OnlineNaira accepts funds from freelance websites like,, and

If your merchant or website is not listed, you could contact OnlineNaira to have it listed so you could start receiving money from them.

#5: Bill payments

OnlineNaira offers you a platform to pay your PHCN bills, buy or renew your data bundle, buy recharge cards, pay betting and lottery and other bills. You can do all this using its PayMyBill app.

#6: Forex trading

If you buy or sell foreign exchange, you can manage your trading deposits and withdrawals using OnlineNaira. It works with IronFX, FxGiants, HiWayFx, Binary Options, Tifia, FXCL, and others.

#7: eBook sales

OnlineNaira has a solution for indie publishers to sell their ebooks online. You’ll place your ebook on their website while they will advertise and collect any sales proceeds for you.

#8: Pay4me

Pay4me is a service designed to look after all the payment needs of OnlineNaira account holders who want the company to make international payments on their behalf, especially when merchants demand payments to be made with PayPal, International Credit/Debit Cards, etc.

All you need do is provide the payment and login details where applicable and they’ve got you covered.

You can also use the service to make payments on websites where OnlineNaira is not currently accepted.

#9: Virtual Visa Card

OnlineNaira offers Prepaid Virtual Visa Card to give users easy access to the funds they have in OnlineNaira and to enable users make online purchases by themselves. The card gives you the ability to make instant, less-restricted online payments.

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You may use the card for Internet services like Facebook Ads, PayPal, Skrill and to fund or receive earnings on gambling sites.

#10: Rent-A-Shop online

If you’ve been looking for an online shop to sell products on the internet, OnlineNaira has a solution for that. They provide everything you need to rent a store from them and begin to sell your products and services online.

#11: Bridging loans

Sometimes OnlineNaira customers are unable to reach needed funds to complete an urgent transaction or for some rate/price movements, dollar equivalent balances change and they’re unable to make a further deposit in a timely manner. In this case, OnlineNaira gives you a bridging loan in a matter of minutes to complete your transactions.

Loans are given for a maximum period of 30 days.

#12: Fiverr funding

To send money or fund your Fiverr account using OnlineNaira, you’ll first need to make a deposit into OnlineNaira by using either cash or card.

#13: Making money

OnlineNaira offers you an opportunity to make money on its platform through the following products and services: Affiliates, Agents, InvestOn, Cloud Mining, Streaks and SmallJobs.

#14: Western Union

You can send or receive money through Western Union on OnlineNaira platform.
You’ll get a sending email confirmation as soon as the money is sent and also the MTCN needed for pickup.

#15: BankErrand

OnlineNaira runs BankErrand to enable its customers pay money into someone else’s bank account. You’ve to give the company instruction from within OnlineNaira, and they will do it on a same day basis. They also send the recipient an email alerting them there is money waiting for them from you.

“It is important that you do not use this service to make a withdrawal into your own bank account as your payment will be delayed as a result. This service is designed to help you pay someone else and help to reduce unnecessary visits to the bank.”

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#16: Charity account

You can create a charity account in OnlineNaira so you can receive donations from other OnlineNaira members.

#17: WebPay

With the OnlineNaira WebPay, you’ll able to collect card payments directly on your webiste and your customers would be able to pay on your website with any ATM, Credit or Debit cards issued in Nigeria. OnlineNaira will take payments for you and place the money received in your OnlineNaira account until you do a withdrawal.

If you want WebPay, you need to place an order. When you do that, OnlineNaira will collect from you all the information they need to customise WebPay for you. When your WebPay is ready, usually within 24 hours, they will give you a code to place on your website and you’re ready to start accepting all ATM, Debit and Credit Cards issued in Nigeria.

After installation, they need another 24 hours to test your installation and to show you how to use WebPay.

#18: Shopping Cart integration

OnlineNaira gives you the ability to install OpenCart and other free shopping carts on your online shop to help you sell your own products and services. All monies in the shopping cart can be processed in any currency and you’ll be able to receive your money after the integration of OnlineNaira Modules.

If you need assisted installation, you’ve got to pay them $10 to do it for you.

Alternatively, you may opt for the OnlineNaira Button. The button can be created from your accounts page within OnlineNaira.

Don’t forget to sign up to an OnlineNaira account today to enjoy its full range of products and services.

If you think I’ve missed some of the products and services offered by OnlineNaira, remind me in the Comments box below.