I’ve decided to address this issue once and for all because I’ve been asked too many questions by friends as to why the Social Investment Programme of the Federal Government, N-Power is yet to pay some 2017 beneficiaries of the Scheme despite the fact that others have since received their two months’ stipends (for August and September).

As it stands, others who are yet to be paid are agitated and want to know the reason behind the delay in the payment of their own stipends; hence, this explanation.

In an earlier update by N-Power, the Scheme said it was still expecting deployment schedules from nine states, namely: Abia, Borno, Delta, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Kebbi, Lagos and Nassarawa.

This made the Scheme unable to process the affected states into the payroll for August 2018.

N-Power also disclosed that it was cleaning the data in the deployment schedules it received from some states and validating them with the stamped uploaded deployment letters.

The Scheme also revealed that it had begun processing payment in batches and the first batch would start receiving payment in a week’s time.

Although N-Power did not live up to its promise of paying “NEXT WEEK”, it surprised many when the mobile phones of some 2017 beneficiaries began to buzz with credit alerts for August and September stipends.

Remember that the N-Power is giving the 2017 Batch a human touch unlike what happened in the 1st Batch of the Scheme where there were a lot of irregularities, thereby giving the Scheme negative publicity in some quarters.

Now it wants to avoid a repeat by taking its time to go through the details of each beneficiary. It is also understandable that the staff strength of the Scheme is low and most of the things they now do are done manually in order to block leakages that might have eluded them with electronic processes.

The Scheme is cleaning up the deployment schedules it had so far received to make sure such data match the ones in its database and remove those that don’t. It’s also validating the data to ensure that its earlier instructions about collection and processing of deployment letters were strictly followed.

Remember that not everybody participated in every stage of the whole process. A handful of others knowingly or unknowingly uploaded the wrong documents.

If N-Power hasn’t paid you, it will do that hopefully, since others have been paid. Who knows whether the Scheme will now pay you three months’ salaries in bulk as a way of compensating you for the delay?

Recall that some 2016 volunteers whose salaries were delayed for one reason or the other were compensated in one way or the other.

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